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Manage your back pain today

When back pain strikes, it can be frightening. Fortunately, there are paths one can follow to help alleviate some of the discomfort, and there are best practice guidelines readily available to help you back.

While back pain can be vey painful, it is important to distinguish this from something that is harmful. One of the sayings we use in healthcare is, 'Hurt does not equal Harm.' Some red flags, or more serious causes of low back pain, need to be ruled out prior to treatment. Fortunately, most low back pain can be managed conservatively and will improve with time.

Guidelines recommend simple over the counter analgesics, however, paracetamol is no more effective than placebo for acute low back pain. Non Steroidal Anti-Inflamatories seem to be slightly more effective than placebo for the management of low back pain.

Other guideline recommended treatments include spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage, exercise; some guidelines recommend dry needling therapy/acupuncture, also.

Heat and exercise are also recommended for managing low back pain. While most exercise seems to be beneficial, a Cochrane review found it to be about as effective as manual therapies. You may benefit from exploring movements with a chiropractor after decreasing your pain with manual therapy, first. Furthermore, in general, the implementation of exercise seems to be more problematic than doing the right type of exercise. While there is some recent evidence from Haden and colleagues, 'that Pilates, McKenzie therapy and functional restoration were more effective than other types of exercise treatment for reducing pain intensity and functional limitations,' they still concluded that it's more important to do an exercise that someone finds fun, meaningful or easy to implement.

Whatever your goal may be, or whatever pathway you wish to pursue, Riverside Chiropractic utilises the most up to date evidence when it comes to your treatment. Our aim is to empower you to recover quickly, and also, to be able to self manage your condition. Our chiropractor, Matt Bulman, offers each of the above mentioned guideline based treatment strategies for you to get the best results.

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